Part of the value of Briskey Financial Services is in providing you, the client, guidance in various areas.  After all, we are a services-based firm.  The investing and insurance world can be complex so we strive to help you make sense of it all.  In addition to helping you understand the nuances of your investment accounts and insurance policies, we would like to give you some tips to keep your online personal information safe. In this day and age of cyber fraud and online criminal activity, we can’t be too careful.  Briskey Financial values the privacy of your information and places the utmost importance on the safety of it.  Here are some guidelines to keep you safe online.

Industry standards are recommending passwords that are between 10 -12 characters long, with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special symbols.  An 8 character password can be hacked in 15 minutes.  That is a small investment of time for a hacker considering the amount of information they can glean after accessing your online account(s).  Also, it’s best to use a unique username and password for each service/website.  There have been breaches whereby the hacker obtained a user’s login info from one website, and was able to use the same info with another website and gain access to the user’s accounts that way.  One last point is to always practice a clean desk policy;  do not leave passwords laying on your desk or posted anywhere someone can easily see them.  Commit them to memory if possible, and throw away any sheets of papers passwords were written on.

Protect Your Information – It Is YOURS After all
Being guarded about your online login information is one of the best ways to protect yourself.  Don’t share passwords with anyone; be alert of where you are when entering a password on your smartphone in public;  when entering your PIN at your ATM machine, place one hand over the other to keep any PIN cameras placed by fraudsters from recording your number; when asked your social security number by, say a bank teller or other person who has a legitimate need for it, try to relay it as discreetly as possible.  Being aware of your surroundings and the people who are in close proximity to you is essential in keeping your information safe.  Also, it is best to never use free Wi-Fi in public.  People who look like average citizens can be on any device running software that is ‘sniffing out’ packets of data as they fly through the air at a coffee shop or shopping center.  Free Wi-Fi is normally not encrypted and these packets can be intercepted and read by the sniffing software to allow fraudsters access to bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc., as you use your mobile device.  Secure, encrypted Wi-Fi, is best, but usually requires a password that is provided to users.

What we do
Briskey Financial uses several methods of protecting your information, including asking for security information to verify your identity on the phone when executing money movements, securing our computer network,  using a clean desk policy, locking all files up every night, and others.  Our custodians have their own extensive list of protective methods in use on their websites and across their systems.  Of course, data breaches still occur, as we read often in the news.  We are committed to quickly handling any issues that may arise.